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I'm Nathan, Your local property expert in North and West London. I absolutely agree that Buying, selling, or studying markets to then soon acquire a new home could undoubtedly be a little scary at the beginning as if you went for a swim in the deep end for the very first time "feel your way through the water. Don't fight it"

I’ve been in the industry for a handful of valuable years and have attained an immeasurable amount of knowledge, integrity, and more importantly honesty that will ensure I successfully keep you happy and satisfied with the service I have to offer. I completed my degree at the University of Adelaide in Sydney, which consisted marketing and finance. I've been told that I have an eye for detail when it comes to sales and I firmly believe there isn't anything else that brings me more passion and enthusiasm than helping clients find the lovely home they need to ultimately build their dreams and future for years ahead of them.

What I have to offer:

I will have tremendous focus and intellect put forward in the process of selling your home at the fastest rate of time along with the high-end price on the market in comparison to competitors. When marketing I will be using the high end of today's technology for filming, videoing, and screening pictures of your property as well as drone footage from the sky and 360-degree visual enhancement. I work morning, day, and night to ensure my clients receive the most reliable service they have ever experienced in the estate agency industry to ensure the sale process goes through as smoothly and as professionally as possible.

Get in touch and you'll have a guardian angel by you throughout.

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