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Selling your property can be a complex and time-consuming process, but with the right estate agent, it doesn’t have to be a stressful one.

The Property Experts is a national network that offers estate agency services with a difference.

Our experts aren’t just estate agents. They’re residents of the communities in which they work, meaning they know the local area and understand the current market.

They're expert negotiators and will secure the best possible price for your property: qualifying potential buyers, setting achievable timescales and keeping you informed at every stage of the transaction.

Furthermore, all of our experts share a vision: to raise the standards in estate agency by providing a first-class service, excellent marketing, and outstanding results for their clients.

When you choose The Property Experts, you're not just selecting an estate agency; you're partnering with professionals who go the extra mile to secure your success.

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Thinking About Selling Your Property?

We make the process of selling your property as smooth and stress free as possible.

From the initial meeting to moving day, your local Property Expert will be your one point of contact, available 7-days a week, at a time convenient to you.

They will take responsibility for every aspect of your sale, meaning you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that you're in safe hands.

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Taking Care of You and Your Property

When you choose to sell with The Property Experts, your local expert will make sure that your property looks its very best.

Whether that’s offering hints and tips on home improvements, making introductions to their network of trusted professional partners, or using the latest tools and technology, your Property Expert will pull out all the stops to ensure your property is perfectly presented.

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Marketing Your Property

Did you know that only 2 to 3 percent of the population are actively looking to buy a property? Whereas 65% of homeowners would consider moving if their dream home came on the market.

Because of this it’s important to have a marketing plan that will expose your property to the widest possible audience of potential buyers.

Your local Property Expert understands the importance of strategic marketing activity that crosses a multitude of platforms, in both the digital and real world.

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Selling Your Property

We understand that ultimately your goal is to get your property sold in the shortest possible time and for the best possible price.

That’s why your local Property Expert will work tirelessly, on your behalf, to achieve the maximum sale price.

Our approach to property presentation, marketing strategy, and negotiation can often result in a sale price of 5% more than the typical estate agent would achieve.

Our Client Testimonials

"Joel was very helpful throughout the whole process, and pushed things forward to get the exchange done,..."

Peter Volosenco

Our Client Testimonials

"I would like to say how happy I was with the service I received from you and Joe with the sale of my..."


Our Client Testimonials

"Great service, Paul was very helpful. Would recommend and would use again."

Tracy Lock

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Jul 11, 2024

Is it Worth Using a Letting Agent? Advice for Landlords

Being a UK landlord comes with a multitude of responsibilities, from property maintenance to tenant management. Juggling these tasks can be overwhelming, which is why many landlords are asking if it is worth using a letting agent to streamline their property management. In this blog post, we will explore the key reasons why landlords should consider using the services of a letting expert. From tenant screening to deposit protection and property maintenance, letting experts can offer a range of services and benefits to make the life of a landlord significantly easier. You may also be interested to read 7 Steps To Becoming A Residential Landlord What Is The Purpose Of A Letting Agent? Expert Tenant Screening and Selection The most crucial aspect of being a landlord is finding reliable and responsible tenants. However, tenant selection is not just about filling a vacancy; it’s about ensuring the longevity of your property investment. Letting agents have the experience and resources to thoroughly screen potential tenants, significantly reducing the risk of problematic renters. Comprehensive Background Checks: Letting agents have access to resources that allow them to perform thorough background checks on potential tenants. This includes checking credit history, rental history, and any legal issues. Additionally, by identifying red flags early on, letting agents can help landlords avoid problematic tenants. Reduced Vacancy Periods: Letting agents often have an extensive network of potential tenants. This means your property can be advertised and occupied quickly, reducing void periods. Quality Tenants: Letting agents use their experience to identify quality tenants. That's those who are likely to pay rent on time and respect the property, and the terms of the rental agreement. Furthermore, this can lead to better landlord-tenant relationships and lower turnover rates. Efficient Property Management and Maintenance Property management is a time-consuming task that involves everything from routine maintenance to addressing emergency repairs. Additionally, and crucially, letting agents take the burden off the landlords’ shoulders and ensure a well-maintained and compliant property. Timely Repairs and Maintenance: Letting agents have a network of trusted contractors who can quickly address any issues that arise. This ensures the property remains in good condition and that tenants are satisfied. Legal Compliance: The UK has many laws and regulations that landlords must adhere to from safety standards to tenancy agreements. Letting agents are well-versed in these regulations and ensure that landlords are in compliance, thus reducing the risk of legal issues. 24/7 Emergency Support: Property emergencies can happen at any time. Letting agents offer “out of hours” emergency support, ensuring that urgent issues are dealt with promptly. Time and Stress Savings for Landlords Being a landlord involves wearing multiple hats, but this can take a toll on time and stress levels - indeed, this is where it is worth using a letting agent. Letting agents provide valuable time and stress savings by taking care of administrative tasks and day-to-day property management. Tenant Communication: Letting agencies act as intermediaries between landlords and tenants, handling communication about repairs, rent payments, and other concerns. This minimises direct involvement for landlords, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their lives. Marketing Expertise: Letting agents have marketing expertise that will help your property stand out in a competitive market. From professional photos to compelling property descriptions, they know how to attract potential tenants effectively. Legal Expertise: Navigating the legal intricacies of tenancy agreements, evictions, and, indeed, property rights can be daunting. Letting agents offer expert advice and guidance on these matters ensuring that landlords can make informed decisions. Our network of Letting Experts is carefully selected and undergoes a rigorous training program. They possess in-depth lettings and property knowledge and are also residents of the local area. This unique combination allows them to understand your specific needs, situation, and property requirements. They also know that it’s important for you to have an agent who is available at your convenience. Which is why you will have your Letting Expert’s direct contact details and you’ll get a response even in the evenings and at weekends. Why You Should Leverage the Expertise of a Letting Agent In the dynamic and fast-paced world of property management, the answer to the question, 'is it worth using a letting agent?' is a resounding yes! Letting agents play a crucial role in simplifying the lives of landlords. This includes expert tenant screening and, equally important, efficient property management. Finally, by leveraging the expertise of letting agents, landlords can save time, reduce stress and enhance the value and profitability of their property investments. If you're a landlord with rental properties and are considering the services of a letting agent, then The Letting Experts would love to hear from you. Please email us at hello@thelettingexperts.co.uk, request a lettings valuation, or call us on 033 33 44 99 15 to see how we can make your rental property ownership more rewarding for you. Frequently Asked Questions About Finding a Good Letting Agent What is a tenancy agreement, and does a letting agent assist in its preparation? A tenancy agreement is a legal contract outlining the terms of the rental arrangement between landlord and tenant. Letting agents can provide assistance in drafting and managing these agreements, ensuring legal compliance. How does rent collection work when using a letting agency's services? Letting agents typically handle rent collection on behalf of landlords. They ensure timely payment from tenants and can provide support in the event of late payments or arrears. What are the benefits of using a letting agent over self-managing rental properties? Letting agents offer professional expertise in tenant screening, property maintenance, and legal compliance, saving landlords time and reducing stress associated with self-management. What services does a letting agency offer for property owners? Letting agents offer a range of services, including helping you find tenants, managing tenants as part of a full management service, and rent collection. These services cater to different landlord needs, from finding tenants to complete property management....

Jul 4, 2024

The 10 Most In-Demand Things Home Buyers Want

Are you selling a property? You'll know that it can be a daunting task to attract viewers and get offers because how do you know what buyers want when searching for a new home? To help you, our expert team of property experts have come up with a definitive list of the things home buyers want. So, if you're looking to sell your home in the near future, read on to discover the ten most in-demand features buyers look for in a new home! The 10 Most In-Demand Things Home Buyers Want 1. Open-Plan Living Spaces Gone are the days of compartmentalised living. Today's home buyers are on the hunt for spacious, open-plan designs that allow for flexibility and flow between rooms. The modern homebuyer’s preferences have evolved from enclosed rooms and defined spaces to open layouts. Whether it's to accommodate a growing family, entertaining guests, or to encourage a more communal style of living, these versatile spaces are adaptable. Large spaces with natural light allows easy supervision of children, improved sociability and the feeling of spaciousness. 2. A Home Office With remote working now commonplace, a dedicated home office is a necessity. Buyers prefer a space that's well-lit and quiet, offering a productive environment away from the hustle and bustle of family life. Buyers now consider home office design details including storage options and a door or divider to separate the workspace from the living area, as this promotes better focus and allows for a healthier work-life balance. 3. Outdoor Spaces You might have noticed a surge in garden renovations and patio makeovers in the past few years. That's because outdoor space is a premium feature. Buyers want space for children to play and explore safely, and they also want to be able to eat and entertain outside, using their gardens as an extension of their interiors. Buyers are also seeking low-maintenance gardens with landscaping and smart use of space. 4. Energy Efficiency The increasing costs of utilities have led to a surge in the popularity of energy-efficient homes among buyers. They are now seeking features that not only help save money but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable way of living. Some popular energy-efficient features include double-glazed windows, solar panels, and smart home systems that offer innovative control over energy consumption from a smartphone or other device. Additionally, buyers are looking for efficient insulation, energy-saving appliances, and advanced heating systems, which all contribute to a reduced carbon footprint and lower utility expenses. 5. A Modern Kitchen They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. And what buyers want is a kitchen that’s not just functional but also modern and stylish. But beyond that, they're also seeking top-notch appliances which contribute to the kitchen's overall look and feel. Innovative storage solutions, like pull-out pantry systems, are also high on buyers' wish lists. 6. En-Suite Master Bedroom Who wouldn't want a hotel-like experience right in their bedroom? An en-suite master bedroom offers that extra bit of privacy and luxury that can make all the difference in your daily routine. Buyers value a spacious master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom equipped with modern fittings, such as a large shower and a high-spec finish. Additionally, ample cupboard space or a walk-in wardrobe is desirable. 7. Location, Location, Location Whether it's being in a top-rated school catchment or a stone's throw away from amenities, location is and will always be important to buyers. Proximity to local amenities such as supermarkets, restaurants, parks, and healthcare facilities increases a property's appeal, considering the convenience and lifestyle benefits it offers to potential homeowners. Additionally, properties for sale in quiet neighbourhoods, those with stunning views, or situated near public transport links are highly sought after. 8. Ample Storage Let's face it: we all have too many belongings! Ample storage solutions, such as built-in wardrobes and loft spaces, are high on the list for potential buyers. In addition, potential homeowners also appreciate other clever storage solutions. These include built-in shelves and pantries that make the best use of available space. A shed or a garage is also appealing. 9. Pet-Friendly Features With pet ownership at an all-time high, features like a mudroom for your four-legged friend and a securely fenced garden are fetching a premium. A securely fenced garden provides not only safety but also a free space for pets to run around, play, and get their daily exercise. Additionally, it gives pet owners peace of mind knowing their furry friends can enjoy the outdoors without wandering off. 10. Smart Home Tech From video doorbells to smart thermostats, technology that simplifies life is a major selling point for today's home buyers. These advancements provide added comfort, convenience, security, and even energy savings - all wrapped into the modern smart home experience. Video doorbells, for instance, not only provide convenience with features like contactless deliveries but also enhance home security by allowing homeowners to monitor their front doors remotely via smartphone apps. Similarly, smart thermostats let residents control temperature settings based on their daily routines and preferences, optimising comfort while increasing energy efficiency. Wrapping It All Up When it comes to what are the things home buyers want, these are the top 10 features home buyers are craving! If you're in the market for a new home, consider this your ultimate checklist. And if you're considering selling, think about how many of these you can offer! If you're still unsure about what to look for, reach out to The Property Experts. Your local Property Expert is available 7-days a week. Contact us to arrange a valuation, call 0330 179 8180 or email hello@thepropertyexperts.co.uk for a chat. In the meantime, we've answered some of your common questions about what buyers want! Frequently Asked Questions About Prospective Buyers Demands Are smart heating systems a popular feature among homebuyers? Absolutely! Smart heating systems are in high demand as they provide residents with convenient temperature control, energy efficiency, and the ability to tailor heating preferences to their daily routines. How crucial is parking space for property seekers, especially first-time buyers? Parking space remains a key consideration for first-time buyers, adding both convenience and long-term value to a property, especially in urban areas where parking is often at a premium. Do double glazing and storage space significantly impact the preferences of potential homeowners? Absolutely! Double glazing enhances energy efficiency and reduces noise, making it a sought-after feature. Additionally, ample storage space, including built-in wardrobes and clever storage solutions, is highly valued by prospective buyers. Is additional living space or a renovation project more appealing to first-time buyers? It depends on individual preferences. Some first-time buyers seek properties with additional living space for immediate use, while others are attracted to a renovation project for the opportunity to customize and add value over time....

Jun 27, 2024

10 Tips for Finding the Perfect Rental Property

Renting is definitely having its moment, with the number of households in the UK living in the private rented sector continually increasing. In fact, an estimated one-fifth of the UK population now live in rented accommodation. Some may claim that this is because UK families have been priced out of the buying market. However, the latest English Housing Survey states otherwise, with 84% of respondents saying that they are satisfied with their rented accommodation and 72% stating that they are happy with their current landlords. Top 10 Tips for Identifying Your Ideal Rental Property So, having established that renting is in – how do you go about renting the perfect home and securing a tenancy? 1. Establish your budget There is little point in starting to look for properties if you do not know what you can and can’t afford on a monthly basis. Imagine if you found your ideal property, only to find that you do not earn enough to be able to rent it. Avoid unnecessary disappointment by going through your finances first and working out exactly what you can afford. Make sure you take into consideration your utility bills if these are not included in your rent. 2. Location, location, location For most people looking for a property, the most important aspect of their search is finding a property in their preferred area. Think about how far you are willing to commute to work and if there are any family or friends that you want to live close to. Try not to be tempted by properties outside your preferred area, even if they are cheaper or larger, as you may regret it once you have moved in. 3. Do your research Once you have established where you would like to live, it is a good idea to thoroughly research the area. If you have children or are planning to have them in the near future, then you should take into consideration the local schools as well as any nearby amenities for children, such as parks and leisure centres. 4. Do not rush the viewing process Most property seekers now carry out their searches online, utilising virtual and video tours, but this can often lead to people disregarding properties before they have really given them a chance. Of course, searching for rental properties online has its advantages, but it is also important to visit potential properties in person to see if they could work for you. 5. Enlist the help of a letting agent You could choose to rent directly from a landlord. However, this is not without its risks. You may be lucky enough to encounter an experienced and trustworthy landlord, but it's always best to rent your property through a professional and reputable letting agent who knows the local rental market inside and out. 6. Ensure your deposit is protected If you have not rented before, then you may not be aware of the tenancy deposit protection (TDP) scheme. This scheme protects your deposit as your landlord is now legally obliged to place your money into a government-backed tenancy deposit scheme, as well as inform you of their chosen scheme within 30 days of you handing over your money. 7. Always pay your rent on time This goes without saying, but not only will this keep your landlord happy, meaning that they are more likely to help you out quickly if you encounter a problem with your property, but it could also boost your credit score. 8. Carry out a full inventory check Although it is highly likely that your landlord has already carried out their own inventory check, it is a good idea for you to do one also. Otherwise, you could leave yourself open to disputes over damages and breakages when you decide to move out. It's also worth bearing in mind that should you get permission from your landlord to decorate your rental, you may need to return it to its original state when your tenancy ends. 9. Take out contents cover As a renter, your landlord is responsible for taking out building insurance. However, it is up to you to take out cover for your own belongings. Make sure that you shop around for the best content cover, as the costs can differ significantly from one provider to the next. 10. Keep an open line of communication with your landlord You want to be able to rely on your landlord in case of an emergency or if you are experiencing any issues with the property, and they need to place their trust in you, too. They will want to retain reliable tenants as it can be both expensive and time-consuming for them to find new ones, so it works for everyone if the relationship is good. Improve Your Property Viewings and Discover Your Perfect Rental Home If you are planning on renting (or letting) a property soon, why not call The Letting Experts. We'll be happy to advise you on our available properties in the area. Contact us on 033 33 44 99 15 for more information. Are you a landlord looking for your first rental property? You may also be interested to read 7 Steps To Becoming A Residential Landlord Frequently Asked Questions About Finding the Perfect Rental in a Convenient Location How can I utilise online resources to streamline my search for a rental property? Explore online platforms to efficiently search for available property viewings and gather information, enhancing your overall rental property search experience. What is the significance of a security deposit in a lease agreement? A security deposit, typically a few weeks' rent, provides financial protection for landlords and is a standard part of the tenancy agreement, helping cover potential damages or unpaid rent. What is the recommended lease duration when renting a property? Lease durations vary, but it's crucial to carefully review and understand the terms of your tenancy agreement, including lease duration and any renewal options, to ensure a comfortable and secure rental period. How do I ensure my monthly rent payments contribute to a positive credit score? Timely payment of monthly rent not only keeps your landlord satisfied but also has the potential to boost your credit score, establishing a positive financial track record....

Jun 20, 2024

3 First Time Buyer Mistakes - and How to Avoid Them!

As a first-time buyer looking at properties for sale, you've reached an exciting milestone, however, it can also be a daunting and complex process. One of the critical stages in this journey is viewing places to potentially call home. Yet there are some common first time buyer mistakes during viewings that impact the buying experience and future investment. So, how can you avoid first-time buyer mistakes? The team at The Property Experts will help you explore three common pitfalls and provide insights so that you can avoid them, ensuring a smoother and more informed property-buying journey. Mistake #1: Failing to Consider Your Needs and Budget One of the first and most significant mistakes we see first-time buyers make is not considering their needs and budget. Here's why it's essential: You'll waste time on unsuitable properties. Without a clear understanding of your needs and financial limits, you may end up viewing properties that are either too expensive or don't meet your requirements. This can lead to wasted time and frustration. You could overextend your finances. Falling in love with a property that's beyond your budget is a common mistake. Stretching your finances to purchase a property can lead to financial strain and potentially put your future stability at risk. How to Avoid This Mistake: Before you start viewing properties, create a list of your 'must-haves' and 'nice-to-haves'. Determine your budget, including costs like deposits, legal fees, and moving expenses. Stick to your budget and prioritise properties that meet your criteria. The Mortgage Experts can help you with this. With access to over 12,000 mortgage products from 90+ lenders, we can help find the right deal for you. Mistake #2: Not Asking the Right Questions During Viewings First-time buyers often underestimate the importance of asking the right questions during property viewings simply due to inexperience. Here's why this mistake can be detrimental: You might overlook potential issues. Not asking critical questions about the property can lead to missed red flags. Issues like hidden structural problems, maintenance history, or neighbourhood concerns may go unnoticed, leaving you with unexpected challenges post-purchase. The lack of informed decision-making. A lack of questions means a lack of information. Without essential details about the property, you may make decisions based on limited knowledge, which can lead to buyer's remorse. How to Avoid This Mistake: Prepare a list of questions to ask during viewings. These can include enquiries about the age of the property, any recent renovations, what the neighbourhood is like, utility costs, and any known issues. A good estate agent will be able to provide you with this information or direct you to relevant resources. Mistake #3: Ignoring the Bigger Picture as a First-Time Buyer It's easy to get caught up in the aesthetics of a property during the excitement of viewings, but failing to consider the bigger picture is a common mistake with long-term consequences: You might overvalue cosmetic features. First-time buyers often place too much importance on superficial elements like decor and furnishings. While these can be appealing, they shouldn't overshadow more substantial factors like location, potential for growth, and future resale value. You could neglect long-term goals. Viewing properties with only your current needs in mind can be shortsighted. Consider your long-term goals, such as starting a family. Ignoring these factors may result in outgrowing your home sooner than expected. How to Avoid This Mistake: Balance your appreciation for aesthetics with a practical assessment of the property's potential. Evaluate the location, proximity to amenities, transport options, and the area's growth potential. Think about how the property aligns with your long-term goals. Making the Right Choices on Your First Property Buying Journey Navigating the property market and finding your dream home can be challenging, but you can avoid first-time buyer mistakes during viewings and make a significant step towards a successful purchase. Remember that working closely with a reliable estate agent, like the experienced agents at The Property Experts will be invaluable in helping you avoid first time buyer mistakes and make the right choices during your property buying journey. If you're a first-time buyer looking to get on the property ladder and would like advice, we would love to hear from you. Email us at hello@thepropertyexperts.co.uk, call us on 0330 179 8180 or contact us here. In the meantime, we've answered some of your questions about other common first-time buyer mistakes. Frequently Asked Questions About Common First-Time Buyer Mistakes How can a bad credit score affect my mortgage options? A low credit score can limit your choices and potentially lead to higher interest rates from mortgage lenders. Can I afford a higher monthly mortgage payment than what's pre-approved? Don't exceed your pre-approved budget. Mortgage lenders consider your income and credit score to determine a sustainable monthly payment amount. What should I do to improve my chances of getting a mortgage? Work on improving your credit score by paying bills on time and reducing your debt. A larger deposit can also strengthen your application with mortgage lenders....

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