About Jon Watts

With an impressive 15-year track record specialising in conveying, marketing, and selling premium products and services, I'm not your typical agent. My commitment to quality over quantity sets me apart.

Primarily based in the picturesque Royal Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, my work revolves around one of England's last ancient forests, covering 27,000 acres and home to an estimated 20 million trees. The enchanting Wye Valley, recognised as an area of outstanding natural beauty, and the world-famous River Severn, celebrated for its tidal bore, also fall within my purview.

I take a unique approach to my real estate business by limiting the number of properties I handle at any given time. This ensures that each client receives the premium, undivided attention they deserve, without compromising service standards.

Despite my rooted presence in this remarkable region, I'm not confined by borders. I'm willing to journey across the UK, offering my top-tier services wherever they're needed.

At the core of my business is impeccable communication, aimed at understanding your unique needs. My mission is clear: to eliminate the stress from the sales process and maximise the price you achieve.

For discerning clients seeking discreet and confidential transactions, and those with a taste for luxury, you'll find a unique estate agent experience with a focus on quality, communication, and results. Whether you're nestled within the Forest of Dean or beyond, I'm here to provide the premium service you deserve.

I look forward to meeting you.


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